Workshop on Electricity Security in Thailand (22 January 2016)


The IEA has recently begun in-depth work on electricity security in OECD countries. Many of the lessons derived from this analysis are relevant to experiences in non-OECD economies, including Thailand. By helping Thailand enhance its electricity security with a focus on cost effective, low carbon development, this project can improve electricity security within Thailand, provide best practices to neighbouring countries, and enhance the existing knowledge of the IEA on electricity security in non-OECD countries.

Together with the Ministry of Energy of Thailand and the Energy Research Institute of Chulalongkorn University, the IEA is carrying out a study analysing the supply and stability of the electricity sector in Thailand. The first phase involved a comprehensive assessment of current stress points in power generation in Thailand, including reviews of regulations, grid code development, supply resources and grid infrastructure.

The workshop aims to share the draft findings of the study with the government, electricity companies, and other stakeholders of the Thai electricity sector for an in-depth discussion, and to refine the findings and recommendations from the draft study.

Please download files:

Day 2_Agenda on 22 Jan 2016

Session 1

IEA Findings_Thailand Electricity Security Assessment (TESA)_Florian

IEA Findings_Thailand Electricity Security Assessment (TESA)_Matthew

Integration of wind and solar in power systems_Philibert

Session 2

Electricity Transmission and Distribution_Sylvia

Gas market outlook and implications for the power sector_Costanza

Thailand Renewable Development Status and Recommendations_Tongsopit

The Role of Energy Efficiency in a Sustainable, Secure Thai Electricity System_Pasquier


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