About Us

The Energy Research Institute (ERI) was established as an institute under Chulalongkorn University on April 18th, 1991 based on policy of the university to emphasize on research as equal to teaching and learning and also on addressing the energy issues after the world energy crisis in 1973 and 1979.  At the beginning a committee on energy research was set up to identify and promote the research concerning energy issues. Later on it was developed to be the Energy and Training Center in 1982 and finally became the Energy Research Institute (ERI) in 1991.


Since then ERI has been conducting activities including policy research on energy and environment issues, and providing academic services to public in the field of energy efficiency and conservation as well as alternative energy. These activities have been mainly supported by government agencies, international agencies, and private sector.

In addition, ERI has involved in the issues related to Climate Change and CDM Business Opportunities with the objective to assist Thailand to promote clean energy projects.

With all the main activities mentioned above, ERI has built up strong networks with key institutions related to energy and environment, including not only government agencies, private sector, and universities in Thailand, but also international agencies.