Our Team

ERI Executives
S__16417046 Director
Associate Prof. Kulyos Audomvongseree, Ph.D
picture-20-1413950859-146x150 Deputy Director
Prof. Viboon Sricharoenchaikul , Ph.D.
Board of Directors
1 Director
Associate Prof. Kulyos Audomvongseree, Ph.D.
Chairman of the Board of Directors
2 Deputy Director
Prof. Viboon Sricharoenchaikul , Ph.D.
Member of the Board of Directors
3 Prof.Withaya Yongchareon, Ph.D Member of the Board of Directors
4 Assoc.Prof.Dr. Polkit Sangvanich, PhD Member of the Board of Directors
5 Mr. Wasan Chansajja Member of the Board of Directors
6 Dr.Chattip Prommuak Member of the Board of Directors
7 Dr.Nitida Nakapreecha Member of the Board of Directors
8 Mrs. Potpiya Hongdamnern Secretary
9 Ms. Sirinat Sangdecha Assistant Secretary
Research Division



DrWeerin Dr.Weerin Wangjiraniran
Tel: 02-218-8083
Research Areas: Energy Policy, Modeling, and Forecast
IMG_4330 Dr.Jakapong Pongthanaisawan
Tel: 02-218-8085
Research Areas: Urban Transport Planning, Transport Modeling,
Energy Demand Modeling, Energy and Environmental Technology Assessment,
Energy and Transport Policy, Greenhouse Gases Inventory and Mitigation,
Transport and Climate Change, Climate Technology and Policy,
Technology Foresight and Roadmapping
IMG_3502 Dr.Supawat Vivanpatarakij
Tel: 0-2218-8090
Research Areas: Biomass and Biofuels systems analysis and design,
Sustainable Energy Technologies
Pui Pic Casual Dr.Siripha Junlakarn
Tel: 0-2218-8092
Research Areas: Distributed Generation, Smart Grid, Energy Policy,
New Business Models for Electricity Industry
68355 Dr.Chattip Prommuak
Tel: 0-2218-8082
Research Areas: Bioenergy production,
Extraction of high-value compound from bioresources

Dr.Pichawee Aieamsam-Aung
Tel: 0-2218-8087
E-mail: pichawee.a@chula.ac.th
Research Areas: New energy sources, Energy Conservation,
Energy from Industrial Waste, Bioenergy
16469 resize Dr.Nitida Nakapreecha
Tel: 0-2218-8089
Research Areas: Energy Policy, Energy Outlook, Climate Change Policy, Greenhouse Gas Inventory and Mitigation
S__23257090 Dr.Phimsupha Kokchang 
Tel: 0-2218-8095
Research Areas: Distributed Generation, Energy and renewable policy, Energy storage, PV financing Model
226721 Dr.Kiattikhoon Phuakpunk
Tel: 0-2218-8084
E-mail:kiattikhoon.p@chula.ac.th, k.phuakpunk@gmail.com
Research Areas: Hydrogen Production Technologies, Bio-fuel Processes, Gas Fuel Production with Fluidization Technologies, Fuel Synthesis System Design and Analyses via Simulations
IMG_3473 Dr.Chatree Wattanasilpa
Tel: 0-2218-8091 E-mail:chatree.w@chula.ac.th
Research Areas: Monitoring and Energy audit
Administrative Division
IMG_3690 Mrs.Potpiya Hongdamnern
Administrative Director
Tel : 0-2218-8088
E – mail :potpiya.h@chula.ac.th
2 Ms.Sirinat Sangdecha
Planning & Development
Tel : 0-2218-8096
E – mail :sirinat.s@chula.ac.th
profile ตำแหน่งว่าง
Office staff (Human Resource)
Tel : 0-2218-8431
E – mail :
IMG_3462 Ms.Noocharee Koonglang
Academic Services Administator
Tel : 0-2218-8097
E – mail :noocharee.k@chula.ac.th
profile ตำแหน่งว่าง
Financial officer
Tel : 0-2250-1313
E – mail :Sasakorn.L@chula.ac.th
profile ตำแหน่งว่าง
Procurement Officer
Tel : 0-2218-8433
E – mail :
PICTURE Mr.Varayukrit Payuyong
Office staff (Clerical)
Tel : 0-2218-8098
E – mail :Varayukrit.P@chula.ac.th
profile ตำแหน่งว่าง
Office staff
Tel : 0-2218-8097
E – mail :
IMG_3484 Ms.Sumruan Klangpeth
Housekeeping Services
E – mail :sumruan.k@chula.ac.th
IMG_3497 Mr.Napasarit Supiya
E – mail :yod.s@chula.ac.th