A workshop on Energy Integration in Myanmar

In collaboration with Todai Policy Alternative Research Institute (PARI), the University of Tokyo, ERI is hosting a workshop:

“Energy Integration in Myanmar: A view from abroad” on June 24, 2013.  The program will soon be announced.


Regarding the Energy development in Myanmar, this conference aims:

-           to understand the energy integration in Myanmar in the ASEAN context;

-           to share neighbor’s viewpoints toward the Myanmar energy; and

-           to draw implications for the further energy integration in Myanmar


After the opening of the country, Myanmar economy has remarkably progressed. Its energy development, however, has been lag behind the economic boom. The country’s further progress is promising with the energy development. For the development, PARI has held stakeholder’s meetings in collaboration with ERIA.

As a matter of fact, the country cannot achieve energy development without sound global/regional linkages. Focusing on the neighboring countries such as China, India, and Thailand, this conference tries to reveal neighbor’s views toward the Myanmar Energy, the Myanmar’s expectation for those countries, and the gap in between.

How could we achieve the Myanmar Energy development with this gap? For this achievement, what kind of energy integration strategy is needed? How could this strategy contribute to the course toward the coming ASEAN Economic Community? By answering those questions, we will draw implications for our further research.

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