Thailand feed-in tariff for residential rooftop solar PV system: Progress so far

Tongsopit, Sopitsuda. 2015. “Thailand’s Feed-in Tariff for Residential Rooftop Solar PV Systems: Progress so far,” Energy for Sustainable Development, 26: 127-134.


This paper reviews Thailand’s feed-in tariff framework for the support of solar power production and provides a feasibility analysis of residential-scale rooftop solar PV investment in Thailand under three scenarios. The initial phase of feed-in tariff support for solar power in the form of “Adder” gave rise to the dominance of solar farms, contributing currently to 99% of Thailand’s solar power capacity. Since 2013, the government has begun to give a more focused support to rooftop solar power investment in the form of fixed feed-in tariff. However, the response to the government’s feed-in tariff support for residential rooftop solar has been slow. Among many reasons, this paper argues that the lack of feasibility of residential rooftop solar power investment remains a
key barrier. Under current market conditions, such investment could potentially be stimulated with the presence of a tax incentive and more attractive financing options.

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