Development of Thailand Low Carbon Society Scenario


The objective of this paper is to establish and manage the study group of Thailand and conduct the research activities and create the possible scenario stories of Thailand under the global trend of carbon reduction. The goal of “Balance of Economic, Environment, Energy and Social development (3E&1S) for Low Carbon Societies (LCS)” has been set to be the key decision focus of this study. The tool to handle this future issue is the scenario planning method. This approach is widely applied for exploring the different possible future prospective. Outcome of scenario creation is derived by the brainstorming process from key stakeholders. With the obtained information, the possible scenarios will be determined and can be used as a guideline for policy planning and long-term preparation for economic, environmental, energy and social development of Thailand.

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§R. Nidhiritdhikraia, S. Vivanpatarakijb and W. Wangjiraniran, Development of Thailand Low Carbon Society Scenario, Advanced Material Research, 2013, Vol. 622-623, pp. 1094-1098.

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