ERI shares insights of developing a Solar PV Roadmap at the Asian Energy Studies Centre in Hong Kong

20 Gigawatts in 20 Years:

People’s Deliberation through Thailand’s Solar PV Roadmap Initiative

Seminar Abstract

Thailand’s growth of solar PV capacity at an average rate of 200% per year since 2006 has positioned it to be the leader in ASEAN. Between 2008 and 2015, attractive feed-in tariffs fueled this growth.  The incentive came to an end following the continuous trend of module price decline, but prospects for further market expansion remain bright for Thailand, provided that current policy and regulatory framework will be supportive of solar PV self-consumption.

Dr. Tongsopit’s presentation documents the historical development of Thailand’s solar PV market expansion and analyses conditions for change toward solar self-consumption schemes. In addition, she will discuss the experience of Thailand’s Solar PV Roadmap Initiative.  Implemented between 2013 and 2015, the Initiative engaged the public in developing the national PV roadmap through deliberative workshops.  The Initiative enabled the stakeholders to establish a joint vision, identify barriers, and explore possible scenarios for solar PV development in Thailand together.  She will discuss the methods by which exciting ideas and collective insights emerged from groups that were initially polarized. The deliberative process’s success, limitations, and applicability to Hong Kong will also be discussed.

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