Journal of Energy Research vol.12 no.2, 2015

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  1. A study on energy security indicators for Thailand power sector: Utility aspect by Molnira Thamsereekul1 and Weerin Wangiraniran
  2. A comparative study of energy literacy of secondary-school students: Case studies of 3 Amphoe in Lopburi province by Junlapong Udompornpibul and Sopitsuda Tongsopit
  3. A case study of a waste processing plant fuel establishment in Nonthaburi municipality, Nonthaburi province by Kornkamol Saranrom and Wittaya Yongcharoen
  4. Potentials of transforming Napier grass to energy by Suriya Somsiri and Supawat Vivanpatarakij
  5. An assessment of the technical and economic potential of rooftop solar systems on Chulalongkorn university’s buildings by Natthapong suwanasang and Sopitsuda tongsopit
  6. Optimal battery energy storage system for PV grid connector for customer with time-of-use tariff by Teerapat Manmit and Parnjit Damrongkulkamjorn

Volume : 12    Issue : 2    Year : 2015

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