ERI’s article in Bangkok Post SEP 15, 2014

Roof rental is solar power for all

Bangkok Post, Sep 15, 2014

By Sopitsuda Tongsopit, Aisa Sano, Tanai Potisat

‘In Thailand, 99% of the households that joined the solar feed-in tariff programme are from the high-income segment.” This comment from Dr Dusit Krea-ngam is a bit of a shock to us.

“There has never been any inquiry or interest from customers in the middle-income household bracket,” he explained.

One of the major obstacles to installing solar panels is the significantly high upfront cost, which is said to be 400,000 baht for a typical 5 kilowatt system for residential usage in Thailand.

However, a new business model can potentially fill this inaccessible gap — the roof-rental business. That is, a company, which installs solar systems on customers’ roofs for free, earns the Feed-In-Tariffs…


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