Low Carbon Scenario for Thailand Power Sector


The objective of this study is to explore the picture of low carbon scenario focusing on Thailand power sector. Impact of related key factors on the emitted greenhouse gases have been evaluated quantitatively, e.g. economic and industrial restructuring, building code upgrading, and fuel switching for power generation. The reference scenario is initially created on the basis of the existing national plan. An alternative scenario of low carbon growth with the additional mitigation options have been comparatively simulated. The results indicate that the existing plan may not lead to the concept of low carbon growth. The proposed mitigation option in the LCS scenario is resulting in the saturated level of greenhouse gases emission in power sector. The emitted GHG can be possibly delinked apart from the growing of economic activities in the emerging country like Thailand.

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§W. Wangjiraniran, R. Nidhiritdhikraia, and S. Vivanpatarakijb, Low Carbon Scenario for Thailand Power Sector, Advanced Material Research, 2013, Vol. 622-623, pp. 1089-1093.


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