Study of Electricity Generation 1000 MW with Biogas in Thailand

Abstract Thailand, electricity production form biogas has been interested for replacement nuclear and fossil power plants. Current status of electricity production from biogas is 155 MWe, and more potential of current capacity is 380 MWe. Additional, energy crops have a potential for another source of biogas. For this study, electricity production to 1000 MW was determined. Napier grass was considered, high growth rate and high production yield. Napier grass 190,000 acre can produce 1000 MW electricity.... Read More

Development of Thailand Low Carbon Society Scenario

Abstract The objective of this paper is to establish and manage the study group of Thailand and conduct the research activities and create the possible scenario stories of Thailand under the global trend of carbon reduction. The goal of “Balance of Economic, Environment, Energy and Social development (3E&1S) for Low Carbon Societies (LCS)” has been set to be the key decision focus of this study. The tool to handle this future issue is the scenario planning method. This approach is widely... Read More

Low Carbon Scenario for Thailand Power Sector

Abstract The objective of this study is to explore the picture of low carbon scenario focusing on Thailand power sector. Impact of related key factors on the emitted greenhouse gases have been evaluated quantitatively, e.g. economic and industrial restructuring, building code upgrading, and fuel switching for power generation. The reference scenario is initially created on the basis of the existing national plan. An alternative scenario of low carbon growth with the additional mitigation options... Read More

Scenarios on Power Generation in Thailand: Uncertainty of Nuclear and Coal Options

W. Wangjiraniran, R. Nidhiritdhikrai , and B. Eua-Arporn,, Engineering Journal (articlScenarios on Power Generation in Thailand: Uncertainty of Nuclear and Coal Optionse in press).  ...