Journal of Energy Research vol.10 no.2, 2013

Detail: RISK MANAGEMENT OF NATURAL GAS PRICE: A CASE STUDY OF OLEFINS CRAKCER Suthada Suwinthawong and Thitisak Boonpramote ABSTRACT Olefins cracker faces with not only the price volatility of raw materials and products, but the volatility of fuel cost. Hence, two main purposes of this study are 1) to apply financial derivatives as risk management tool to manage the volatility and price risk of natural gas using as fuel in olefins cracker during year 2011-2012 by studying... Read More

Journal of Energy Research vol.10 no.1, 2013

Detail: The Study of Energy Cost and Commuting Expenditure in Different Transportation Modes :Case Study on Saphan Mai – Silom Route Weerapan Rujikiatkumjorn and Weerin Wangjiranirun ABSTRACT This paper is prepared for the study of the impact of Transportation Energy Price on Commuting and Energy Expenditure of Bangkok Residents who travel daily from outside to inside City Center in the morning rush hour 6.00 – 9.00 am. The optimum routes were selected to conduct real-world... Read More

Journal of Energy Research vol.9 no.3, 2012

Detail: PERCEPTUAL BEHAVIOR ACCORDING TO ADVERTISING AND PUBLIC RELATIONS ENERGY SAVING CAMPAIGN: A CASE STUDY – HIGH-EFFICIENCY T5 FLUORESCENT LAMP ADVERTISING SPOT OF MINISTRY OF ENERGY Muttana Pimchot, Damrong Thandee and Sompong Putivisutisak ABSTRACT The aim of the present study is to analyze perceptual response to an advertising and public relations campaign for the use of high-efficiency T5 fluorescent lamps. Our primary data collection tool was a questionnaire... Read More

Journal of Energy Research vol.9 no.2, 2012

Detail: Evaluation of Exclusion Area Boundary and Low Population Zone for Thailand Nuclear Power Plant : Case Study of SURATTHANI Province Nithima Lojai and Doonyapong Wongsawang ABSTRACT The objective of this study was to evaluate the restricted zones of nuclear power plants at the potential sites of Thailand’s future nuclear power plant constructions. The regulations of U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (U.S. NRC) were adopted for the evaluation of Exclusion Area... Read More

Journal of Energy Research vol.9 no.1, 2012

Detail: Public Participation in Thailand’s Power Development Plan Lukkana Kumcharoen and Bundhit Eua-Arporn ABSTRACT Electricity is essential for human life, and is a key factor driving economic growth. Therefore electricity planning is important. The delay on the power plant construction may cause generation insufficiency. This paper investigates Public Participation in Power Development Plan for Thailand compared with that issued by New York Independent System Operator... Read More