Optimal fuel allocation for generation system using a genetic algorithm

Yogyong, W.Audomvongseree, K.Optimal fuel allocation for generation system using a genetic algorithm, (2011) ECTI-CON 2011 – 8th Electrical Engineering/ Electronics, Computer, Telecommunications and Information Technology (ECTI) Association of Thailand – Conference 2011; Khon Kaen; Thailand; 17 May 2011 through 19 May 2011;

In generation system operation, it is necessary to allocate fuel resources to each power plant efficiently and optimally. This allocation plan must meet both generators constraints and fuel resource constraints. This paper proposes the concept of optimal fuel allocation using the genetic algorithm. A key objective of this allocation is the efficient use of fuel while maintaining the ability to serve all load demand, and also to have enough spinning reserve to provide acceptable security level. To solve this problem, an optimization technique is needed. In this paper, solving the fuel optimization problem using the Genetic Algorithm is proposed. In addition, the load uncertainty is taken into consideration. The developed method is tested with the modified system originated from the actual electric generating authority of Thailand (EGAT)’s generation system. The obtained results are satisfactory. © 2011 IEEE.

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