Journal of Energy Research vol.12 no.2, 2015

Download Articles A study on energy security indicators for Thailand power sector: Utility aspect by Molnira Thamsereekul1 and Weerin Wangiraniran A comparative study of energy literacy of secondary-school students: Case studies of 3 Amphoe in Lopburi province by Junlapong Udompornpibul and Sopitsuda Tongsopit A case study of a waste processing plant fuel establishment in Nonthaburi municipality, Nonthaburi province by Kornkamol Saranrom and Wittaya Yongcharoen Potentials of transforming Napier... Read More

Journal of Energy Research vol.12 no.1, 2015

Download Articles Enerygy improvement of aluminum melting furnace employing bunker oil burner type by Kosit Pugasab and Witthaya Yongcharoen Building modification for evaluation of green building using TREES standard by Prapatsorn Wongyuen and Witthaya Yongcharoen Pre-feasbility study of coal gasification for ceramic industry in Lampang by Soraat Srisukh and Thitisak Boonpramote Comparative study on reliability and connectivity of communication network for microgrid operation: Muang Mae Hong... Read More

Journal of Energy Research vol.11 no.2, 2014

Download Articles Planning and control system for energy consumption of motorcycles spare parts industry by Anarat Thiamsawet1 and Suthas Ratanakuakangwan Study of the suitable cleaning time interval of compressor in gas turbine of combined cycle power plant by Nartnipa Chujitarom and Witthaya Yongchareon Decidion under risk for fishing-trawler investment business in Thailand by Warossaporn Leknetthip and Thitisak Boonpramote A developement of quality indicators for energy management system... Read More

Journal of Energy Research vol.11 no.1, 2014

Detail: ENERGY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM DEVELOPMENT FOR ISO 50001:2011 FOR AUTOMOTIVE PARTS FACTORIES Pichet Pasena and Sompong Putivisutisak ABSTRACT The objective of this research is to investigate a procedure to improve the existing energy management system based on The Energy Conservation Promotion Act B.E. 2535 (1992) (as amended by Energy Conservation Promotion Act (No.2) B.E. 2550 (2007)) to meet the requirements of the internationally recognized ISO 50001:2011. The case... Read More

Journal of Energy Research vol.10 no.3, 2013

Detail: APPROPRIATE FINANCIAL MEASURES FOR THE SUPPORT OF RESIDENTIAL ROOFTOP SOLAR SYSTEMS IN THAILAND Disorn Chaichuangchok, Sopitsuda Tongsopit and Naebboon Hoonchareon ABSTRACT In Thailand, the investment in residential rooftop solar power systems is still not attractive because there is still a lack of support measures for this market segment. The support measures that the government has put in place to date have been focused primarily on large-scale solar farm investment... Read More