(English) Energy Security in ASEAN: A Quantitative Approach for Sustainable Energy Policy

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A Study on Fuel Options for Power Generation in Thailand

Abstract This study focuses on the impact of utilizing gas, coal and nuclear for longterm power generation on generation cost, emission and resource availability. A scenario-based energy accounting model has been applied for creating long-term future scenarios. A baseline scenario has been created on the basis of the existing power development plan (PDP). Three alternative scenarios of coal, nuclear and gas options have been projected for the period beyond the PDP, i.e. 2022-2030. The results indicate... Read More

Assessment of Renewable Energy Penetration on Power Development Plan in Thailand

More Information §W. Wangjiraniran, B. Eua-arporn, Assessment of Renewable Energy Penetration on Power Development Plan in Thailand, Journal of Power and Energy System, 2011, Vol. 5, No. 3. https://www.jstage.jst.go.jp/article/jpes/5/3/5_3_209/_pdf  ...

A Study on Energy-related GHG Mitigation Scenario in Thailand

Abstract The objective of this study is to explore the scenarios of energy-related greenhouse gas mitigation in Thailand to 2030. The picture with no change of government policy which is relied on the existing plan namely ‘reference scenario’ is simulated. Ambitious target of renewable energy deployment with the priority of energy supply security is adopted. Alternatively, a case with undergo progress of the committed plan namely ‘case without plan’ is also compared to reveal the... Read More

Study of Electricity Generation 1000 MW with Biogas in Thailand

Abstract Thailand, electricity production form biogas has been interested for replacement nuclear and fossil power plants. Current status of electricity production from biogas is 155 MWe, and more potential of current capacity is 380 MWe. Additional, energy crops have a potential for another source of biogas. For this study, electricity production to 1000 MW was determined. Napier grass was considered, high growth rate and high production yield. Napier grass 190,000 acre can produce 1000 MW electricity.... Read More